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[rom] Complete Stock Original Rom For Oppo Malaysia Devices

Discussion in 'Oppo - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Abraham, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    Oppo Malaysia has made a complete full list of ColorOS downloads. Please refer to their site, I'll stop updating this thread from now on

    Downloads - OPPO Malaysia

    For thos who still needs old version, they can still refer to the link below.
    Here are the files:

    OPPO N3 (N5206)
    (150311) : DOWNLOAD
    (150212) : DOWNLOAD
    (150208) : DOWNLOAD
    (150108) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO R5 (R8106)
    (150307) : DOWNLOAD
    (150208) : DOWNLOAD
    (150206) : DOWNLOAD
    (150114) : DOWNLOAD
    (141231) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO MIRROR 3 (3006)
    (150324) : DOWNLOAD
    (150121) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO FIND 7/7A (X9076/X9006)
    ColorOS 2.0.8i : DOWNLOAD (STABLE)
    ColorOS 2.0.6i : DOWNLOAD (BETA)
    ColorOS 2.0.5i : DOWNLOAD (BETA)
    ColorOS 2.0.0i : DOWNLOAD (STABLE) (Link provided by @Marcian, thanks alot!)
    (141016) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO N1 MINI (N5116)
    (140723) : DOWNLOAD
    (140702) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO R1L (R8006)
    (150322) : DOWNLOAD
    (140818) : DOWNLOAD
    (150105) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO NEO 5 (R831L)
    (140808) : DOWNLOAD (Thanks @azrulhaifan !!)

    OPPO YOYO (R2001)
    (140909) : DOWNLOAD

    OPPO JOY (R1001)
    (140919) : DOWNLOAD
    (150209) : DOWNLOAD

    1. To return to completely stock ROM after flashing third party ROM, cooked ROM(some people prefer to say it that way)
    2. To recover from soft brick a.k.a STUCK AT OPPO problem.
    1. To fully refresh your ROM from bugs(something that even developers and technician can't explain to you in layman terms)
    2. To unroot your phone
    3. To update your phone to latest version
    4. To solve software problems(Malaysian tends to use this term) because by reformatting or reset could not solve your problem.

    HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY USE THESE?First of all, make sure your phone battery exceeds, over 30% to proceed this flash thingy.
    I am not responsible for your bricked device.
    As long you follow the steps carefully, each one of them, it should be just 3 mins thing, extremely safe. Trust me, really just 3 mins.
    There are 2 ways to use it, I'll show you the easiest first.

    1. Copy the downloaded file(compressed file in .zip format) from your computer into your phone by using USB cable.
    2. Go to "SETTINGS"
    3. Scroll to the bottom and select "ABOUT PHONE"
    4. Click "SYSTEM UPDATES"
    5. Below should have "LOCAL UPDATE" (just beside "ONLINE UPDATE"), click "LOCAL UPDATE"
    6. Select the file you copied from your computer (compressed file in .zip format)
    7. Be patience and wait till it finish
    8. Congratulations! Update successful!

    1. Copy the downloaded file(compressed file in .zip format) from your computer into your phone by using USB cable.
    2. Reboot phone into recovery mode (If your phone is ON, hold power button, click restart, hold volume DOWN button) (If your phone is switched OFF, hold volume DOWN button and power button, after vibrates, release power button, remain volume down button)
    3. Select your desired language (English, Chinese) P/S: certain model supports touch screen,especially those high end models. If it doesn't, use volume up and down button to navigate and press power button to select.
    4. Select "WIPE DATA AND CACHE", next "WIPE DATA AND CACHE" (This will result in resetting your phone, be sure you backup before)
    5. After finish, select "INSTALL FROM SD" (If its in your phone storage, select phone storage ; if its in your memory card/external sd card/microSD card, select from SD
    6. Confirm and wait till it finishes rebooting
    7. Voila! Congratulations!