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Mystery LG LS751 model appears on a User Agent Profile on Sprint's website

Discussion in 'LG - What's New?' started by Princess, Mar 13, 2015.

By Princess on Mar 13, 2015 at 11:56 PM
  1. Princess

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    Jan 24, 2015
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    A previously unknown LG handset was discovered on a User Agent Profile found on Sprint's website. The model number, LG LS751, was the only information that could be gleaned from the profile. This model appears to be one of six LG handsets that will be launched by the carrier this year. Those models include the LG G Flex 2 (LG LS996), LG G pad F (LG LK430), and the upcoming LG G4 (LG LS991). Besides the just discovered LG LS751, the LG LS665 and LG LS770 have previously been found on Sprint's website. The latter is believed to be a 5.8-inch phablet that went through the FCC. This could be the LG G4 Note that is rumored to launch in the second half of the year.

    Sprint seems to have the high-end models covered with the LG G4, the LG G4 Note and the LG G Flex 2. With that in mind, it is possible that the LG LS751 is a mid-range model for the carrier.

    LG seems to be readying its new flagship to be introduced as early as next month with a launch sometime in the second quarter. Will we see any mention of a 5.8-inch LG G4 Note at the same time? Will LG introduce the other models, including the just discovered LS751? Stay tuned!

    User Agent Profile found on Sprint's site reveals mystery LG LS751

    source: MyLGphones
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Discussion in 'LG - What's New?' started by Princess, Mar 13, 2015.