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EasyJtag v2.0.8.1 Others Promise, We Do!

Discussion in 'Z3X-Team Products' started by Abraham, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Abraham

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    Jan 26, 2013
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    EasyJtag v2.0.8.1 Released

    - Added option for shutting down PC after long operations.
    - Added option for skipping unreadable blocks.
    - Fixed *.binn file extension bug for auto resized files.

    Added new phones via direct EMMC:
    • LG D500 (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • LG E440 (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • LG E445 (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • LG E730 (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • LG E960( ISP Pinout,Dumps Updated)
    • LG E975 (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • LG P990 (ISP Pinout Added)
    • LG P769 (ISP Pinout Added)
    • LG P713 (ISP Pinout Added)
    • LG P970 (ISP Pinout Added)
    • LG V410 (ISP Pinout Added)
    • LG F240S (ISP Pinout Added)
    • SAMSUNG SM-G350L (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • SAMSUNG SM-G357M (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • SAMSUNG SM-G530M (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    • MEIZU M1 (ISP Pinout,Dumps Added)
    THANKS to Seba Kopp , Legas , and others...