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Rivo RX80 Flash File 5.0


  1. Silent Angel
    Reading Flash Conent now ...

    Brand : RHYTHM
    ProdName : RX80
    ProdModel : RHYTHM RX80
    Device : RX80
    AndroidVer: 5.0
    MTKxCPU : MT6582
    MTKxPRJ : RIVO_RHYTHM_RX80_S010_20150507

    [Read Ok] : preloader_zaw720.bin
    [Read Ok] : MBR
    [Read Ok] : EBR1
    [Read Ok] : lk.bin
    [Read Ok] : boot.img
    [Read Ok] : recovery.img
    [Read Ok] : secro.img
    [Read Ok] : logo.bin
    [Read Ok] : system.img
    [Make Ok] : cache.img
    [Make Ok] : userdata.img

    [ScatCFG] : MT6582 / V1.1.1 / zaw720 / EMMC
    Android Info saved
    MAUI Meta DB saved
    HWConfig Info saved
    FW Size : 1806 MiB
    Scatter saved to : G:\Rivo Rx80\MT6582__RHYTHM__RHYTHM_RX80__RX80__5.0__RIVO_RHYTHM_RX80_S010_20150507\

    All done!

    Elapsed: 00:07:45
    Reconnect Power/Cable!
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